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eleven Issues You By no means Knew About Peeing

Tuesday, November 29th 2016. | Tips and Tricks

Pee doesn’t truly heal a jellyfish sting

jellyfishiStock/yanukit Subsequent time you get stung by a jellyfish on the seashore, maintain off on having your buddy take a toilet break in your leg. “There’s completely no fact to the legend that pee has any therapeutic or antibacterial properties, so that you in all probability shouldn’t have your good friend pee on you, ever,” says Steven A. Kaplan, MD, director of Benign Urologic Illnesses and The Males’s Well being Program at Mount Sinai Well being System in New York Metropolis.

You’re a urine-making machine

Peeing-machineiStock/monkee_leelu The physique produces between two and two and a half liters of urine daily. However that doesn’t imply you must drink jugs of water to maintain up. “It doesn’t simply come from what you drink, it comes from what you eat, too. Fruits and veggies excessive in water additionally contribute,” says Dr. Kaplan. This is what your urine reveals about your well being.

It’s a pure detox

natural-detoxiStock/GoodLifeStudio Peeing may simply be the healthiest detox available on the market. Urine is made by the kidneys (the physique’s pure filtration system) and helps rid the physique of poisons and different waste that may in any other case stay in your blood. “Pee removes poisons in your physique. It’s very pure and essential,” says Dr. Kaplan.

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“Pee shy” is actual

pee-shyiStock/Michael-Westhoff Assume twice earlier than making enjoyable of your “pee shy” good friend. Paruresis is a social nervousness dysfunction (also referred to as Shy Bladder Syndrome) that impacts about 20 million individuals within the U.S. and means victims are afraid of utilizing the toilet with different individuals close by. The excellent news: it’s possible treatable with behavioral remedy in case your peeing-in-public phobia is especially disruptive. This is what your bladder would inform you if it might.

It may make you faint

FaintiStock/AntonioGuillem When you’ve ever sat on the bathroom after which instantly woken up on the ground beside it, you may need micturition syncope, a situation that causes victims to faint throughout or instantly after urinating. Docs nonetheless don’t know the precise trigger however they comprehend it’s as a result of a extreme drop in blood strain, possible associated to opening of the blood vessels that happens throughout speedy emptying of a full bladder, in line with Mayo Clinic. Micturition syncope is commonest in older males, often happens at night time after a deep sleep, and may additionally be affected by alcohol, starvation, fatigue, dehydration, or use of alpha blockers to enhance urination in males with prostate issues.

You possibly can pee an excessive amount of

pee-too-muchiStock/SasinParaksa “Peeing each hour isn’t regular until you’re consuming tons of water or consuming a diuretic like espresso or alcohol,” says Dr. Kaplan. Whereas extreme peeing isn’t harmful in and of itself, it may well sign one other situation that’s inflicting it, corresponding to diabetes, overactive bladder, an an infection, prostate issues, or perhaps a coronary heart drawback.

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And a few individuals can’t pee in any respect

can't-pee-at-alliStock/someone25 Consider it or not, individuals with a situation referred to as acute urinary retention can’t pee in any respect, although their bladder is crammed to the brim; it’s often accompanied by ache and is so harmful it requires instant medical consideration.

 It’s OK if it smells

SmellsiStock/Carina-Lochner …until that odor is fishy, through which case you may need an an infection. In any other case, meals like asparagus, curry, and chili peppers may give pee a scent, in addition to meals that include nitrates or another preservatives. Dehydration can even produce smelly urine as a result of it’s so concentrated. This is why asparagus makes your pee odor funky.

You’ll be able to pee the improper approach

pee-the-wrong-wayiStock/mythja “Some individuals stress or clench their butt with out figuring out it, which may trigger totally different patterns of urination and even ache,” says Dr. Kaplan. The perfect method is to chill out and let it move.

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It may possibly seem like the rainbow

rainbowiStock/Eugene-Bochkarev Regular urine colour ranges from pale yellow (this implies you’re hydrated sufficient) to deep amber (this in all probability alerts you’re dehydrated. However pigments and compounds from meals and drugs can even give your pee some uncommon hues. Beets, berries, and a few drugs can flip your urine shiny purple, whereas some over-the-counter and prescription drugs can flip it highlighter yellow and even greenish blue. Deep purple or brown urine is widespread in individuals with a uncommon inherited dysfunction of pink blood cells referred to as porphyria. Orange urine, particularly when you even have pale stools and yellow pores and skin or eyes, could possibly be an indication your liver is malfunctioning. And bloody urine isn’t regular until you’re menstruating; it might imply you’ve got an an infection, kidney stones, and in probably the most critical instances most cancers.

Take note of foamy urine

FoamyiStock/vm In case your pee seems to be foamy, it might merely imply your stream was highly effective and quick. But when it persists over time, this is usually a signal of elevated protein ranges within the urine, which might point out a critical kidney drawback and you must see a physician.

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