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5 Myths About Left-Handed Individuals We All Have to Cease Believing (and a couple of Shocking Truths)

Tuesday, October 3rd 2017. | Tips and Tricks

Fable: Lefties are extra artistic


paint-brushesChamille White/ShutterstockThere are some issues that each one tremendous artistic individuals have in widespread; being left-handed is not certainly one of them. The hyperlink between left-handers and creativity is a longstanding fable that’s possible simply that—a fable. A 1995 research discovered left-handed males tended to assume extra creatively when drawback-fixing; nevertheless, there was no distinction within the considering between feminine righties and lefties. “Once you take a look at precise artistic achievements in a single’s lifetime, the proof isn’t robust for affiliation with left-handedness,” Ronald Yeo, PhD, professor of psychology on the College of Texas-Austin advised Well being.

Fantasy: Lefties usually tend to be leaders


leadersnd3000/ShutterstockSix of the final 12 U.S. presidents have been lefties, however that is solely thought-about presidential trivia, not a qualification for the job. (Talking of trivia, take a look at these shocking skills of American presidents.) There’s no exhausting scientific proof that handedness had something to do with their management expertise. “A few of the foundation for these observations between management and handedness comes from taking a look at historic figures. The extrapolation is that there have to be one thing widespread between these people who’re elected and profitable, one being their handedness,” says Elizabeth Ochoa, PhD, chief psychologist at Mount Sinai-Beth Israel.

Fable: Lefties are extra clever


graphsDing Photograph Studio/Shutterstock“There’s an concept that left-handed individuals are extra clever, however that’s not so,” says Dr. Ochoa. Anybody may be clever, particularly in case you have these quirky habits confirmed to make you smarter. A research from the 70s examined greater than 7,000 grade faculty youngsters and located no distinction in mental capability between left-handers and proper-handers, she stated. Lefties might, nevertheless, assume in a different way. “The world just isn’t a left-handed-pleasant place—utensils, scissors, and different gadgets of every day use are designed for the appropriate-handed individual,” says Dr. Ochoa. “Left-handed individuals should assume flexibly and provide you with methods to make use of these instruments and navigate.”

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Fable: Lefties are introverted


Myths-About-LeftHanded-People-We-All-Need-to-Stop-BelievingViktor Gladkov/ShutterstockOne other widespread lore is that left-handed individuals are typically extra introverted than righties. However a 2013 New Zealand research discovered no variations throughout any of the 5 character measures examined between proper-handers and left-handers. Even when that have been true, introverts have hidden strengths that extroverts do not. “The stereotype [that left-handers are mentally or morally inferior] doesn’t mirror actuality,” research writer Gina Grimshaw, PhD, director of the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory on the College of Wellington in New Zealand informed Well being.

Fantasy: Lefties are “proper-brained”


Myths-About-LeftHanded-People-We-All-Need-to-Stop-BelievingViktor-Gladkov/ShutterstockSince most proper-handed individuals use the left hemisphere of the mind to course of language, that should imply that left-handed individuals assume with the fitting aspect of the mind, proper? Not essentially. Dr. Grimshaw discovered that whereas ninety eight % of righties are left-brained, so are 70 % of lefties. “For probably the most half, left-handers don’t differ clearly from proper-handers. They definitely don’t have reversed brains,” Grimshaw informed Well being. No matter which is your dominant hand, anybody can strengthen each side of their mind with just some easy mind workouts.

Reality: Lefties might have extra sleep issues


sleepingMaksym Povozniuk/ShutterstockNot each night time’s relaxation is a peaceable one; these are the bizarre ways in which sleep impacts your physique. A small research within the journal Chest monitored the rhythmic limb actions of proper-handers and left-handers whereas they slept. Researchers discovered that ninety four % of left-handed sleepers had limb actions (which may be an indicator of periodic limb motion dysfunction) in comparison with simply sixty nine % of proper-handed snoozers. For those who do wrestle to go to sleep, attempt the following pointers for higher sleep, straight from sleep docs.

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Reality: Lefties could also be extra more likely to expertise critical psychological well being issues


disorderVGstockstudio/ShutterstockAmongst individuals affected by psychological sickness, these with psychotic issues similar to schizophrenia are more likely to be left-handed than these with temper issues like melancholy or bipolar dysfunction, in line with a research from Yale College. These are the signs of bipolar dysfunction you are almost definitely to disregard. Researchers studied a small group of people from an outpatient psychiatric clinic and located that forty % of these with schizophrenia or schizoaffective dysfunction have been left-handed. Researchers are notably occupied with exploring the hyperlink between traits of psychosis (resembling hallucinations or delusions) and handedness; they consider the reply might lie in what a part of the mind lefties have a tendency to make use of extra. “Discovering biomarkers corresponding to this will hopefully allow us to determine and differentiate psychological issues earlier, and maybe in the future tailor remedy in simpler methods,” stated research writer Jadon Webb in a information launch.

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