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7 Group Texting Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

Friday, September 9th 2016. | Tips and Tricks

Don’t start a conversation at night

Don’t start a conversation at night iStock/TARIK KIZILKAYA
Trying to get to sleep when your phone is buzzing like crazy is the WORST. Don’t start a group text conversation at night when everyone probably has somewhere to be in the morning. A good time to start a group text is the late afternoon when people are getting home from work and will be free to engage in a conversation. These are the most annoying texting habits, according to science.

Don’t only talk to one person

Don’t only talk to one personiStock/Todor Tsvetkov
You know that moment when a group conversation turns into just two people? Avoid that at all costs. You don’t need an audience for your one-on-one conversation. If you have something separate to discuss, take it to a private chat and spare everyone else in the group. Here’s when texting is actually better than calling.

Text people who know each other

Text people who know each other iStock/monkeybusinessimages

Getting a group text with numbers you don’t have is always awkward. You have to ask who it is you’re speaking to and it tends to get weird. If you have something you want to send to several people who have nothing in common, take the time to text them individually. Or at least introduce them over text. The one time this is acceptable: when you are planning an event that all of the people will be attending. Other than that, avoid throwing everyone into a group of people they don’t know.

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Stay on subject

Stay on subjectiStock/Martin Dimitrov

Group texting is not for mindless chatter. Group texts should have a purpose or a goal. Making plans or sharing an article or funny picture are all reasons to group text with friends or family. Catching up on your day and discussing the latest updates in your life are better discussed individually or in person. You can’t really carry on a normal conversation over a group text because it is so sporadic and rapid with so many people involved. Make sure you have a purpose and stay on subject before hitting send on a text to 10 of your friends.

Don’t rush the conversation

Don’t rush the conversationiStock/ljubaphoto

Allow everyone to get a chance to talk. When the group is discussing one subject, make sure everyone has contributed to the conversation before moving on to something else. Avoid sending texts in rapid succession so that everyone can keep up with the flow of the conversation. It gets confusing when someone starts talking about a separate topic and everyone is scrolling back to catch up on what’s happening. Everything will flow so much easier when everyone can keep up.

Announce if you are leaving the conversation

Announce if you are leaving the conversation iStock/Stephen Krow

Don’t ghost your text message group. If you’re busy or just can’t continue the conversation, let everyone know you’re leaving so they won’t expect a response from you anymore. You know when you don’t look at a group chat for a few minutes and it’s filled with everyone saying, “where’s Sarah? Did he leave? Hello?” That’s never fun for anyone. Just be considerate and say that you can’t talk.

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Allow the conversation have an end

Allow the conversation have an end iStock/monkeybusinessimages
The absolute cardinal sin of group texting is dragging it on and blowing up everyone’s phone for no real reason. When the goal of the conversation has been met, say goodbye and allow the conversation to end. Don’t be that person who keeps texting. No one likes that guy. Here are 50 little life etiquette rules everyone should practice.

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