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How Dangerous Is It to Chew Your Nails?

Friday, December 9th 2016. | Tips and Tricks


Onychophagia, or nail biting, is a reasonably widespread behavior, affecting an estimated 30 % of adults, forty five % of teenagers, and 30 % of youngsters. Although nail biting—which may be brought on by stress, nervousness, obsessive compulsive dysfunction, or simply being bored and fidgety—could seem completely innocent, it will possibly invite micro organism or fungi infections to enter into the physique and blood stream, growing your probabilities of contracting a chilly or the flu, in accordance with the Mayo Clinic. To not point out that it could possibly spoil your smile.

How nail biting results in bacterial and fungal infections

When you’ve ever had a manicure, you’ve little question observed the gunk that the manicurist removes from underneath your nails. That’s what you’ll be able to see with the bare eye—so simply think about all of the micro organism you’ll be able to’t see. The most typical pathogens lurking underneath our nails are Staphylococcus, Strep, and Coryneform micro organism, which may enter the physique via breaks in our pores and skin or—you guessed it—from ingesting them after biting your nails. If that isn’t sufficient of a deterrent, simply think about dermatophytic fungi, also called ringworm, hanging out in our nail tissue as you open mouth and insert finger. Subsequent time the nervousness kicks in, attempt taking 5 deep breaths as an alternative.

How nail biting results in chilly and flu

Based on the CDC, there are greater than 200 chilly viruses floating round at any given time. Despite the fact that the danger elements for buying one embrace a weakened immune system and/or publicity to somebody sick, you possibly can considerably scale back your probabilities of catching a virus by retaining your arms away out of your mouth. Viruses that trigger the flu additionally flourish in your pores and skin, so wash your palms steadily with cleaning soap and water (or use an alcohol-based mostly hand sanitizer), and discourage nail biting by chewing gum.

How nail biting can hurt your tooth

Nail biting also can injury the tooth and gums. The Academy of Common Dentistry has discovered that nail biting can crack, chip, or put on down the entrance tooth, and in addition probably result in sore gums and gum tissue injury. Verify together with your dentist if having a mouth guard will help you to cease biting your nails—or no less than reduce a few of the injury it will possibly trigger. She can also be capable of recommend another methods that will help you give up the behavior for good.

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