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Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Odor Funky?

Tuesday, November 1st 2016. | Tips and Tricks


You’re certainly not the primary individual to note the distinctive aroma we’ll name “asparagus pee.” The truth is, it was first described in 1735 in an essay by John Arbuthnot, during which he describes asparagus as one thing which ‘impacts the urine with a fetid odor.’ And since Arbuthnot’s essay, trendy science has helped us to realize some understanding of why this specific vegetable has this odd impact.

Seems it has one thing to do with a chemical generally known as asparagusic acid.

Once we eat asparagus, our physique breaks down the asparagusic acid into smaller compounds that include sulfur. And very similar to the sulfur-containing compounds in garlic and skunk spray—the odor is sort of robust! What’s extra, these molecules are ‘risky,’ which means that they modify type, turning into a fuel at room temperature. So principally, once we pee them out, they convert right into a fuel and go proper up our nostril. The method occurs fairly shortly too. In some instances, the odiferous compounds have been detected within the urine of people that ate asparagus as lately as quarter-hour earlier!

And but asparagus doesn’t have an effect on everybody the identical method. In reality, extra individuals can’t odor asparagus pee than can. Solely about one-quarter of the inhabitants posesses the particular gene that permits them to odor the compounds within the urine. Particular certainly!

Take a look at the issues your urine can reveal about your well being (apart from whether or not you latterly dined on asparagus)!

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